Carole Wilkinson

Carole Wilkinson is a children’s author who writes historical fiction and non-fiction. She is best known for her much-loved Dragonkeeper double trilogy set in Han Dynasty China (winner of two Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year awards, as well as a number of children’s choice awards, and published in 17 countries). The first book of the series is currently being made into a movie.

Carole embarked on her writing career at the age of 40, leaving behind her previous employment as a laboratory technician in jobs involving blood and brains. She has been making up for lost time ever since. She has a fascination with dragons and is interested in the history of everything. Her books are a combination of imagination and meticulous research.

Carole’s passion for history is evident in her engaging non-fiction books which explore everything from the life of Ned Kelly to how young children can help control climate change. Her most recent non-fiction books are Putting Australia on the Map, about the gradual discovery of Australia; and Matthew Flinders: Adventures on Leaky Ships, which is all about the man who was the first person to circumnavigate Australia and who finished the map of Australia.

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