Sue Hindle

Sue Hindle has spent 25 years researching and practicing wellness, energy, and sound healing. She runs workshops for all ages, and offers school visits to… Read More »Sue Hindle

Donna Rawlins

Donna Rawlins is an illustrator, book designer, and teacher who has specialised in creating books for children for most of her working life. She has… Read More »Donna Rawlins

Nicole Goodwin

Nicole Godwin

Nicole Godwin is a multi-award-winning author who shines a light on environmental, animal rights and social justice issues through captivating picture books. Her books engage… Read More »Nicole Godwin

Guy Holt

Guy Holt is founder of GUY Design Studio and for more than 20 years has been based in Melbourne, Australia. He also runs Holt by… Read More »Guy Holt