Putting Australia on the Map

by Carole Wilkinson

Australia is a big place. It covers 7.7 million square kilometres.  You think it would be easy to find, but it stayed hidden from everyone but its First Peoples for a very long time. Mapping the coastline was a task that took hundreds of years. See who got it right and who didn’t as, bit by bit, the outline of Australia appeared.

“Librarians, do not allow this book to be processed and then lost on the shelves in your schools. Promote this book particularly to teachers. This is one fabulous resource for Australian schools … Highly recommended.”

Wendy Jeffery, Read Plus

“Wilkinson excels … Putting Australia on the Map is an engaging reference that combines two excellent sources of information – Wilkinson’s detailed narration and the astonishing maps – to tell this important part of our history.”

 Marie Alafaci, Magpies

“… vital deeper historical contexts about mapping, and understanding how discovery and exploration impacted Australia’s First Nations People are included in the Teachers Notes on the publisher’s website.”

Angela Brown, Reading Time

“Australians, we can be very proud of our own Carole Wilkinson…This is one fabulous resource for Australian schools and for the private collections of lucky children. Highly recommended.”

Wendy Jeffery, Read Plus

ISBN 9781742035932
RRP $24.99
Paperback 32pp
Format 297mm x 210mm hardback
Photographic junior non-fiction
Category: Cartography, mapping, history, Australia, exploration