Left & Right

Left & Right - Wild Dog Books

by Lorna Hendry

  • Honour Book, CBCA Eve Pownall Award book, 2018

‘No, not that left! The other left.’ If you’ve ever said that, you need this book.

From hands and feet, ears and eyes, to directions, left and right is how we describe so many things. It dictates how we play sport, how we eat, how we use a can opener and how we hammer a nail. You might be surprised to know that one in five people are left-handed and that in the past this was almost a death sentence. Even more recently it may have earned you a rap over the knuckles for writing with your left hand.

“An outstandingly original book.”

CBCA Judges Report

ISBN 9781742034430
RRP $27.99
Paperback 64pp
Format 240mm x 300mm + flexicover
Photographic junior non-fiction
Category: Left, right, handedness, general knowledge