What’s The Big Idea? Australian Inventions That Changed The World

by Sue Lawson and Karen Tayleur

Australians are an inventive lot. From the innovative tools and equipment of our First Nations people to the
pioneering solutions of colonial times and hi-tech minds of today, Australians have risen to the challenge
of problem solving. Also, Vegemite. We can’t explain that but we love it anyway.



The information is presented in a large hardback format with glossy pages and clear photographs of inventions, and inventors where possible. Each invention is clearly labelled, has its own position on the page and the text is easily accessible for all ages.  The book has clever endpapers, contents page, introduction, glossary and index. The welcome addition of a Timeline begins with Firestick Farming used 60,000 years ago to manage Country with the final invention being a Mobile Laundry Van for the Homeless in 2015…This book will be a wonderful resource for all libraries whether home, school or classroom. It contains so many familiar and unfamiliar inventions from those of First Nations people through to the present day.

Kathryn Beilby – ReadPlus

ISBN: 9781742036267
RRP: $24.99

44pp Hardback

297mm x 210mm