Little Lon

Little Lon - Wild Dog Books

by Andrew Kelly, illustrated by Heather Potter & Mark Jackson

Marie Hayes and her friends sailed boats in the gutters, ate Mr Biancchi’s icecreams in summer and roasted walnuts in winter, all in the centre of a big busy city, behind the fancy fronts of the main boulevards. Here lay the network of lanes and houses called Little Lon.

Times were different when Marie was growing up. The families may not have been rich but they were a community. A surprising history in every way.

An excellent introduction to Australian and Melbourne history. Key curriculum topics covered. Excellent teacher support material and classroom ideas available to download.

“A glimpse at the life of Melbourne girl Marie Hayes a century ago…a delight to revisit in modern times.”

Herald Sun

ISBN 9781742035970
RRP $24.99
Hardback 40pp
Format 260mm x 270mm
Illustrated junior non-fiction
Category: Australian history, post-settlement history, working-class, Melbourne, community, multiculturalism