Guy Holt

Guy Holt is founder of GUY Design Studio and for more than 20 years has been based in Melbourne, Australia. He also runs Holt by Hand, a new design venture producing eye-catching Melbourne tea towels. Guy worked in the UK, Germany and Papua New Guinea before moving to Melbourne.

He specialised in technical illustration and for many years produced illustrations and maps for leading publishers and manufacturers.

Having worked on many different publications, Guy decided it was time to put together his own book and in 2015 was given this opportunity by Wild Dog Books. His first book, How Far is Deep Space, explored the vastness of space on a journey from the International Space Station out into deep space, along the way passing planets and discovering interesting facts about the different layers of the Earth’s atmosphere. This could have been an almost overwhelming task, but Guy designed the book with small blocks of easy-to-read text, photographs and diagrams to help the reader.

In 2019 a Chinese version of the book was published. This version of the book was produced in one long pull-out page that stretches over 13 meters in length!

Guy’s second book, From Space to Core, also published by Wild Dog Books in 2020, continues the journey, this time in the opposite direction, from the International Space Station to the centre of the Earth. The book has an easy-to-follow scale running down the pages that allows the reader to easily see how far down into the earth they are travelling.

When not working, Guy enjoys taking photographs of architecture. He also spends his time with his dog Lugo, an Italian Laggotto.

How Far is Deep Space - Wild Dog Books