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From Space to Core: A Journey to the Centre of the Earth

by Guy Holt “With an incredibly wide scope, From Space to Core … cleverly captures and holds attention with short bites of interesting information.” Nicole Nelson, ReadPlus 2020 Come on a journey! Let’s start at the International Space Station and travel through the Earth’s atmosphere, down past the summit of Mount Everest and into the ocean […]

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Putting Australia on the Map

by Carole Wilkinson

“Australians, we can be extremely proud of our own Carole Wilkinson … Librarians, do not allow this book to be processed and then lost on the shelves in your schools. Promote this book particularly to teachers … This is one fabulous resource for Australian schools and for the private collections of lucky children. Highly Recommended.”

Wendy Jeffery, ReadPlus

Australia is a big place. It covers 7.7 million square kilometres. You would think it would be easy to find, but it stayed hidden from everyone but its First People for a very long time. Australia’s coastline was discovered piece by piece. Mapping the coastline was a task that took hundreds of years. See who got it right and who didn’t as, bit by bit, the outline of Australia appeared in Putting Australia on the Map.

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