Wild Dog Books – Teachers’ Notes

At Wild Dog Books, we are passionate about creating the best books for children and young people. From picture books to non fiction series, our books inspire, excite and ignite readers’ imaginations. We understand the power of a good story well told, and know that these stories, whether about our environment, history, future and everything in between, will not only entertain readers, but will inform them.

Our books are written and designed to not only be read and loved at home, but to be read and enjoyed in libraries, schools and other education facilities. That’s why we support our fabulous books with well-written, relevant and expert teachers’ notes and resources.

These comprehensive teachers’ notes include before, during and after reading activities, discussion suggestions and outcome-focused student activities. They are broken into curriculum areas and are adaptable for any teaching situation. Just some of the activities include before, during and after discussion points, extra information about the book, author and illustrator and loads of longer exercises and project ideas for students.

Written by Australian educators, these notes are suited to Australian Curriculum Standards. Best of all, Wild Dog Books teachers’ notes are downloadable and easily found either on a book’s page or on Wild Dog Books’ Teachers’ Resources page.

As well as our comprehensive teachers’ notes, we also have high-resolution book covers available for classroom, school or library displays. What more could you ask for? Wild Dog Books have the best children’s books supported by relevant, expert teachers’ notes and resources.

If you need more information about Wild Dog Books’ teachers’ notes, resources or our fabulous children’s and young people’s books, contact us and we will do our best to help.