We Are Australians

We Are Australian

by Duncan Smith and Nicole Godwin, with paintings by Jandamarra Cadd

For those born in Australia, it’s easy to take citizenship and its responsibilities for granted. But there is much more to being an Australian citizen than having a passport and the right to vote.


Its brief words evoke deeper meanings, ones that will be conveyed through discussion and sharing of stories, as children learn of the First Nations people, here for over 65,000 years, living alongside other migrants to this country. The spare words are enlarged by the luminous illustrations, offering large swathes of colour on each page, interspersed with dot paintings, images of many people of this country, working together, singing, dancing, painting and telling stories. The face on the front cover stares out at us, inviting us in, ready to share a story. And what a story there is to tell.

Fran Knight – ReadPlus


ISBN: 9781742036328

RRP: $24.99

Hardback, 32pp

Landscape, 220 x 262mm

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