Vote 4 Me

Vote 4 Me - Wild Dog Books

by Krys Saclier illustrated by Cathy Wilcox

The students of Mount Mayhem primary school are fed up. Their uniform is hideous, the tuckshop sells only healthy food, and the sports cupboard is empty. It’s time to find a leader who will speak on their behalf. But who will it be? They need an election!

Fortunately Ms Sparks is an expert on preferential voting. Voting has never been so much fun. Australia’s preferential voting system explained!

Key curriculum topic covered in the most delightful way. Excellent teacher support material and classroom activities available for download.

“What a fun informative book! Every classroom should have this book and I bet students will look forward to voting in the elections. It’s a terrific and relatable way to introduce the voting system to kids. Great idea with fun characters and the illustrations are a delight.”

Kaye Baillie

“The book makes learning about the electoral system accessible for all and clearly shows each stage in the process with tables showing how votes are redistributed. It will make a fantastic resource for upper primary and lower secondary years, explaining our complex voting system. And, here, if not in real life, the best woman wins!”

Heather Gallagher Reading Time

“Perfect information for future voters and a must-have for the Australian classroom.”

Ged Kearney

“See? It’s not that difficult!”

Antony Green

“Delightful and informative, this is even more essential – and arguably more delicious – than a democracy sausage.”

James Jeffrey

“I wish I’d read this before I prematurely declared Labor the winner of the 2019 election.”

Mark Humphries

ISBN 9781742035956
RRP $24.99
Hardback 32pp
Format 270mm x 230mm
Illustrated junior non-fiction
Category: Australian politics, Voting, Preferential voting, Elections, Federal, State, Government