The Gigantic Book of Genes

The Gigantic Book of Genes - Wild Dog Books

by Lorna Hendry

  • Honour Book, CBCA Eve Pownall Award

Why do you have Aunty Fiona’s nose?

Whose fault is it you can’t roll your tongue?

Genes are the blueprint for life. They are found inside the cells of all living organisms and are responsible for the appearance of any living thing – plant or animal.

Key curriculum topics covered in the most ingenious way.

Unique teacher support material and classroom ideas available for download.

‘Colourful and inviting…’ 


‘…accessible and understandable…any young science enthusiast will enjoy this book…’ 

CBCA Judges Comments

ISBN 9781742034102
RRP $27.99
Paperback 64pp
Format 300mm x 240mm + flexicover
Photographic junior non-fiction
Category: Genes, Genetics, Human Body, Health