The Giant Book of Germs

The Giant Book of Germs - Wild Dog Books

by Lorna Hendry

  • Notable Book, CBCA Eve Pownall Award

Q. On what household object will you find the most microbes?

(Here’s a hint – it’s not the toilet!)

Q.How many germs live on your hand? 

Q.How do germs make you sick? 

Q.Do the germs in your gut really keep you healthy? 

Germs are tiny, living organisms found all around us. While some of them can make us sick, others are responsible for keeping us healthy. The best answers and other fascinating information about these misunderstood microbes is all found in The Giant Book of Germs. 

ISBN 9781742034850
RRP $27.99
Paperback 64pp
Format 300mm x 240mm + flexicover
Photographic junior non-fiction
Category: Germs, microbes, bacteria, virus, fungi, protozoa, health, sickness, human body, general knowledge