The Colossal Book of Colour

Colossal Book of Colour - Wild Dog Books

by Lorna Hendry

Colour is a thread that runs through our daily lives. The Colossal Book of Colours takes a broad and fascinating look at the science behind the paints and pigments that bring joy to our world.

With particular focus on primary and secondary colours, how colours are made, as well as their history and cultural importance, The Colossal Book of Colours also includes various activities and thought experiments throughout to capture the imagination of the reader, along with a graduating colour scheme that will tickle the senses.

After reading this brilliant book, you’ll never see colour the same way.

Learn all about the amazing world of colour! Amazing photographs accompanied by bite-sized chunks of information!

ISBN 9781742035727
RRP $27.99
Paperback 64pp
Format 240mm x 300mm + flexicover
Photographic junior non-fiction
Category: Science, colour, pigments, history, general knowledge