Matthew Flinders – Adventures On Leaky Ships

Matthew Flinders - Wild Dog Books

by Carole Wilkinson and Prue Pittock

Matthew Flinders was determined to map the entire coast of the continent we now call Australia.

His story is packed to the gunwales with adventure – storms and shipwrecks, death and danger, a race to beat the French.

But more than this, it is a story of loyalty to his crew, love for his wife, and affection for the brave little cat who sailed with him.

“Matthew Flinders is a fine example of how enjoyable and instructive books in this genre can be…For the observant reader, there is plenty to discover in each spread; exotic flora and fauna, navigational equipment and clothing from the time all enrich a story that is already full of adventure and discovery.  This is an excellent book for primary-schoolers, and for adults too.”
Louise Pfanner Books + Publishing

“This is a generous and lively book suitable for all ages about the European beginnings of our country, told through the life of a remarkable man.”
Stella Lees Reading Time

“If you’re like me, and you know a little about Australian history but not a lot and the name Matthew Flinders rings bells but is mostly resigned to someone who did stuff and explored around the time of the First Fleet, then this book is for you.”
Cockburn Libraries Review

ISBN 9781742034935
RRP $24.99
Hardback 32pp
Format 297mm x 210mm
Illustrated junior non-fiction
Category: Matthew Flinders, biography, Australian history, history, mapping, exploration