As I Remember Them

As I Remember Them - Wild Dog Books

by Peter Isaacson

This book is a tribute to Peter Isaacson’s generation of Australians — through the lives of 25 men and women whose lives touched his.

These are the eulogies, speeches and obituaries that Peter gave for these men and women. Several of those 25 were members of the 110,000 aircrew who served in Bomber Command of the Royal Air Force and flew with him on operations against the enemy as part of the crew of his Lancaster “Q for Queenie”.

Peter says in his introduction about the people of whom he speaks: “To each I owe a debt of gratitude, for there is nothing more comforting or important in life than to have friends.”

The final section of the book “In Defence of Bomber Command” is a tribute to the 56,927 RAF aircrew who died in operations against Germany and Italy in the Second World War and a defence of Bomber Command of the Royal Air Force during the Second World War.

Featuring 25 prominent women and men

  • Arnold Isaacson
  • Caroline “Lynka” Isaacson
  • Barry Harper
  • Sir Alfred Kemsley
  • Sir Thomas White DFC
  • Colin McClymont
  • Don Delaney
  • Dr W. E. Littlejohn OBE DSC
  • John Ross
  • Douglas Robertson OBE
  • Alan Ritchie DFM
  • Bill Copley DFM
  • Joe Grose
  • Win Everett
  • Dr John Bradley
  • John Knox
  • Dr Robert Neilsen DFM
  • Ian Ross
  • Jean Irene Harper
  • Gwyn Hillard
  • Tony Warden DFC
  • Alice Delaney
  • Sir Thomas Webb
  • Robert Sanderson DFC
  • Peter Wright

“This remarkable book is a mosaic, it conveys unity and purpose in clear, controlled prose. It is forthright and gentle, in turn. The tributes carry a sense of fellowship and fun, with descriptions of those who ‘lived, really lived.”

Geoffrey Blainey