A letter to my new picture book, We Are Australian by co author, Nicole Goodwin

We Are Australian
We Are Australian

Author Nicole Goodwin has collaborated with Duncan Smith and Jandamarra Cadd to create a stunning picture book about what it truly means to be an Australian citizen.

We are Australian, written by Nicole and Wiradjuri man, Duncan Smith OAM, reflects on Australia’s rich First Nations history and encourages readers to walk forward together and listen deeply to stories, points of view and Country.

We Are Australians includes exquisite artwork from acclaimed artist, Yorta Yorta and Dja Dja Warung man, Jandamarra Cadd. No surprises that We are Australian sold out its first print run – before publication!

Co-author, Nicole Godwin has written a letter to her first Wild Dog Books picture book, We Are Australian.

A message to my new book baby.

Nicole Goodwin
Nicole Godwin; Michelle Doherty Photo

Welcome to the world!

It is apparent on every page that you were created by a team full of love and passion.

It’s a big ask, but I hope you play a part in inspiring and bringing people together.

I hope you find your way into schools and homes across Australia and beyond who will read you until you are old and worn.

I hope readers touch your pages to feel closer to the essence of Jandamarra’s magnificent artwork.

I hope you become best friends with librarians who are fierce champions of ideas, truth and broadening the worldview of students.

I hope you start meaningful conversations and plant seeds of understanding between all Australians that will grow and flourish.

I hope you encourage people to know the land they walk upon and to stomp their feet on the earth to connect with their ancestors.

I hope that new citizens will treasure you and learn more about the First Peoples of Australia.

I hope that students make displays, share your messages and create their own.

I hope readers think about you long after they have closed your pages.

That’s a lot to put on a little old book, but you are up to it. Your cover shows eyes of love and great strength.

I’ll be there with you always – on your cover, along with Duncan and Jandamarra.

I leave it there as you have places to be and people to meet.


Nicole Godwin (co-author)