Power Up

by Charles Hope   Power. We need it to light our houses, heat our lounge rooms and make our cars move. Almost everything you use… Read More »Power Up

Earth Matters: Loving Our Planet

By Carole Wilkinson and Hilary Cresp

Earth does so much for us. Let’s understand what we need to do to love planet earth. Earth Matters.

This lovely book has been endorsed by industry experts:

This beautiful book explains the science of climate change in a child-friendly way. It helps children see how their own choices can make a tangible difference to the wonderful planet that is their home. I highly recommend this book.
Libby Skeels
Psychology for a safe climate

A healthy Earth matters, so this book is a must read!
Professor David Karoly
Climate Scientist Read More »Earth Matters: Loving Our Planet

Colossal Book of Colour - Wild Dog Books

The Colossal Book of Colour

The Colossal Book of Colours takes a broad and fascinating look at the science behind the paints and pigments that bring joy to our world.