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From Space to Core: A Journey to the Centre of the Earth

by Guy Holt “With an incredibly wide scope, From Space to Core … cleverly captures and holds attention with short bites of interesting information.” Nicole Nelson, ReadPlus 2020 Come on a journey! Let’s start at the International Space Station and travel through the Earth’s atmosphere, down past the summit of Mount Everest and into the ocean […]

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Little Lon

by Andrew Kelly illustrated by Heather Potter & Mark Jackson Marie and her friends sailed boats in the gutters, ate Mr Bracchi’s ice-creams in summer and roast chestnuts in winter, all in the centre of a big busy city, behind the fancy fronts of the main boulevards. Here lay the network of lanes and houses […]

Matthew Flinders

by Carole Wilkinson illustrated by Prue Pittock Matthew Flinders was determined to map the entire coast of the continent we now call Australia. His story is packed to the gunwales with adventure – storms and shipwrecks, death and danger, a race to beat the French – but more than this, it is a story of […]

Robots: The Future is Now

by Charles Hope Learn all about the amazing world of robots, and how they are shaping our future!