The Numbers Book

A comprehensive list of sources used in the making of The Numbers Book

Below is a comprehensive list of sources that were used to make this book. These have been arranged in the order the facts appeared:

Page 7: Latin Online Etymology Dictionary
Page 10: Tally stickZoo of Numbers
Page 12: HieroglyphsHistory World and The Story of Mathematics
Page 14: OED words & Human usageOxford Dictionaries and The Economist
Page 15: Thoughts & LanguagesHuffington Post and Ethnologue
Page 16: Roman numeralsLive Science
Page 18: 7, 3 & 110The Guardian
Page 19: Asian culturesWikipedia
Page 25: SpeedWikipedia
Page 28: Bytes and
Page 32: Australian wasteLiving Smart
Page 33: Plastic bags & GlassPlastic Bag Free Day and Clean Up the World
Page 34: Four elementsHome Science Tools
Page 35: Unlucky
Page 39: InsectsThe Conversation
Page 40: ArchimedesThe Conversation
Page 42: Stars & and
Page 43: Earth & and and World-o-Meters
Page 44: Babylonian calendarBBC
Page 45: Pieces of 8BBC
Page 46: Smells & CellsNature and National Geographic
Page 47: BacteriaScience News
Page 48: LionsBBC
Page 49: Bees & FrogsBBC
Page 50: Cloud 9Online Etymology Dictionary
Page 52: Electrons & GoogolplexUniverse Today and
Page 53: GoogleQuora
Page 55: Optimus
Page 56: Breeding cicadasABC
Page 57: Cicada predatorsABC

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