The Book of Gross Body Facts

A comprehensive list of sources used in the making of The Book of Gross Body Facts

Below is a comprehensive list of sources that were used to make this book. These have been arranged in the order the facts appeared:

Page 2: Trillions of cellsNational Geographic
Page 7: CarrotsBBC News
Page 8: Sweat
Page 11: Sweaty
Page 13:
Page 14: Skin and
Page 19: and
Page 21:
Page 22: PooEncyclopaedia Brittanica
Page 24: UrineNational Library of Medicine
Page 25: Urine lifetimeAustralian Institute of Health and Welfare
Page 27: TapewormsWikipedia
Page 31: TearsThe Express
Page 33: Mucous –
Page 37: Sneezing –
Page 39: Warts –
Page 45: Moles –
Page 46: Humans v cells – Scientific American
Page 47: Cell replacement –

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